Let us turn your ideas into inspiring software

Codefully is an agile team of software engineers who love to analyze business stories and know how to deliver optimal solutions. Since 2010 we design and develop software for companies of all sizes and from different industries. Our key services include web and mobile application development, data analytics and reporting, business process management, cloud infrastructure implementation, and UI / UX design.

Whether you need an application that will improve your company's internal processes or a digital product for your startup, we are committed to guide you and support you at every step, from conception to the creation of the final product and beyond.

Solutions above technology

We use technology for creating solutions. Technology is not a self-serving cause. Remember that the technology may fizzle out but the problem you are trying to solve will most likely still be there.

Opinionated development above blind implementation

We don’t just execute. We consider our clients equal partners and we view ourselves as responsible for the overall success of a project. We voice our opinion and provide strong guidance.

People above projects

We choose what we work on based on the teams that are involved. We believe that success requires good chemistry and we consciously spend effort building great working relationships.

Accessibility over rigid relationships

We are easy to talk to and always make sure that our customers can easily reach us. Building software is a collaborative process and communication is key. We believe that developers and product owners should be in tune.

Leading Stack

In our technological stack, we blend some of the most powerful, modern and popular development tools available today in our industry. If we have to name a few, those would be Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Node.js, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Material UI and Highcharts.
AWS / Amazon Web ServicesHerokuNode.jsReactRedux
Ruby on RailsPostgreSQLMaterial UIBootstrapHighcharts
Read more about our stack and how we choose the most relevant technologies for your project, which is a key factor for its success and longevity.